Why Hire a Per Diem Attorney?

There are positive and negative aspects of running a smaller law firm, especially in a city such as New York. While you get the benefit of paying close attention to your most important clients, it also means the depth of law experience at your firm cannot match some of the bigger firms.

Areas of Expertise

For instance, you may find that one of your clients is in a spot of bother with the law, but the area is not one that any of your team has dealt with before. Let us say that you have a client who is going in for a DUI charge, but none of the attorneys at your firm has ever helped a client with a DUI case.

You may think the process is easy, but your lack of experience in this area could cause the client harm. That is the moment when you would contact a per diem attorney New York and ask them to come to your office for a few days. Per diem attorneys can work for you till you need them. You will still be there with your client, but the per diem attorney can act as second counsel to assist in the case.

Simple Hiring Process

Whenever you need a different type of lawyer to help a client, you do not have time to set up interviews to find the right candidate. And since you only need them for a few days, or a week, it is not a long term arrangement. It would be hard to find a capable attorney through other means.

per diem attorney New York

However, per diem attorneys make their living off such arrangements. All you do is give them a call, explain your situation, and they will send an attorney to your office who can help with the type of case that your client is involved in.